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Find Out How Successful Realtors and Investors Are Making More Profits with Less Effort


Find motivated sellers. 


Fast and easy to use. Increase listings and the most motived sellers available today. Our system is built for successful real estate professionals. This targeted list is the most robust information available. This database is excellent for professionals who want to target prospects with the desire to sell. This is one of our top-performing databases and is highly successful for direct mail and telemarketing.


Right now, Access The Largest Real Time Fresh and Exclusive Mortgage Leads for Every State.

Fresh Refinance & Purchase Mortgage Leads.


We have a large selection of cash out, VA, FHA, conventional, and reverse.

Our thousands of internet properties generate hundreds of qualified leads per day.

Leads are exclusive and sent in real-time. It can be emailed and may be sent to your CRM. Exclusive for 60 days. Select by state, minimum loan amounts, credit, and more.


Expand and Close More Loans
With Real-Time Access To Nationwide
Aged Mortgage Leads

Aged Refinance & Purchase Mortgage Leads.


These are the best leads to follow up with the applicant to see if they are still in the market. The best value leads and highly responsive—massive selection of VA, FHA, conventional, and reverse. Select by your market, minimum loan amounts, credit, and more.


Instant access to all Homeowners Across America is Great for Realtors and Real Estate Investors.

Property Owner Demographics


Highly accurate information on virtually all US homeowners. Our lists work great for targeting homeowners for a variety of services because we have identified the most likely candidates eligible—filter by credit, LTV, interest rate, loan amounts along with the other desired selects.




Streamlined Process
The easy to search database will allow professionals to quickly access all the homeowners in the US



Pinpoint Your Marketing
Access your leads right away with our easy to use system. Start calling and direct mail campaigns today



Filter to Your Specifications
You can create the most detailed searches with customized criteria. Have the ability to search from hundreds of selects

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Why PioneerDataSolution?


We have been working with Real Estate and Mortgage professionals for years. We have helped industry professionals grow their businesses. Hundreds of positive reviews from the top independent sites on the web.


Hear just one of our satisfied clients and what he has to say about how we have helped him.

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