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Sales Cycle

What is the sales cycle for a loan officer to close a loan? What is the sales cycle for a Realtor to close on a property?

Loan officers track the time from the mortgage lead application to the closed loan and will learn your average sales cycle in days.

Realtors track the time from the seller lead to the sale of the home and you will know your average time in days that it will take to sell a home.

This way, you will know when you will close the sale and the length of time. This will create a consistent pipeline of sales.

If you start the process and go on a sales appointment today, you'll see the results ______ weeks from today.

Try this: Track the time from the successful cold call until that cold call closes. This is your time cycle. Everyday that you do not generate a lead you will feel that in the future.

The key is to generate mortgage leads and real estate leads daily to have a consistent flow of leads to sales.

If you need a consistent supply of leads please contact Pioneer at 877-751-2200 to speak with a lead pro and build your sales cycle today.

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