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Do Not Call List Scrub Services for Every Business

Order DNC scrub Services

Cleanse your Customer & Marketing Lists


Do not call list scrub service.

Scrubbing your data and skipping the $11,000 fine per call is easy with us. Simply email us your file, and you will receive it back, in many cases, the same day. The do not call list scrub cost is only $195 for 1-100K records. Upload your file below or call 877-751-2200 to get started right away.


Pioneer adheres to the privacy guidelines and practices established by the DMA. Using proprietary systems for do not call scrub, Pioneer maintains and updates all available state and federal DNC (Do-Not-Call) suppression files, including:


  • Do not call list scrub.

  • National FTC Do-Not-Call file.

  • Various state Do-Not-Call file.

  • DMA Pander file

  • Wireless Blocked Numbers

  • Disconnect Telephone Files

  • Prison Suppression File

  • Also Available - Maintenance Of Your Customers' Internal DNC Files

These records can be suppressed or flagged against your customer database or a prospecting / telemarketing file, to ensure that your marketing efforts conform to all Federal and State legislation.


Pioneer will continue adding Do-Not-Call records as they become available and do everything in our power to keep up with the rapidly advancing legislation. However, it is advisable that you also ensure that your marketing efforts meet all Federal and State legislation, and that you contact your own legal counsel before acting on any information regarding Federal and State laws, or regulations.


For detailed information on the National DNC Registry, compliance and registration, contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), or visit the National DNC Registry website at:


Do not call list scrub plans and pricing:
1-99,999 records $195

More records? Call for a custom quote and volume discount.

*File must be in same format and one text or CSV file. If you need help combining files contact us for special processing


Services Included

Remove Federal do not call numbers
Remove State do not call numbers
Remove Private do not call numbers
Flag disconnected phones
Flag wireless phones

We also include data append and will do not call scrub your absentee lead, Realtor leads, mortgage leads and vacant properties data.

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