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Divorcing Homeowner Leads for Realtors & Investors

divorce homeowner leads

Target Divorcing Homeowners

Divorcing homeowners are great for real estate agents and investors.

Why Divorcing homeowners?

Since real estate agents make money only when they sell homes, divorcing homeowner leads point to potential real estate profit. To make money on a consistent basis, real estate agents must generate divorcing homeowner leads. They must fill their divorcing homeowner lead pipelines. Why? Not all divorcing homeowner leads become leads. The more divorcing homeowner leads, the better the chance of home sales. 

Benefits of Generating divorcing homeowner Leads 
Real estate agents can generate divorcing homeowner leads via online or offline. Offline divorcing homeowner lead generation includes things like postcard campaigns and calling. Online divorcing homeowner lead generation includes things like pay-per-click and Facebook advertising.

We must first define what a Divorcing homeowner is. Divorcing homeowner has the will to sell their property at a favorable price or at favorable terms. Divorcing homeowners want to “get out” of the property. 

Real estate agents love divorcing homeowners that “want out”. The longer a property remains on the market the harder it is to sell the property. Property that flies off the market puts a smile on the real estate agent’s face. 

The list is geared towards property investors, we can apply it to real estate agents. We list those steps along with our thoughts. Find the Data, develop a list, filter the list 

Marketing campaigns – We suggest you use direct mail, calling, emailing, or texting to send the right message to prospective divorcing homeowners. We suggest that you call Divorcing homeowners. Divorcing homeowners are more likely to go with an expert real estate agent. Explain that you could list them ASAP. Tell them that you know how to get their house in front of buyers right away. Know how to talk to property owners. You are a real estate agent. You know how to talk to property owners. That’s what you do on a daily basis; but f you have trouble or want to brush up on your communication skills. 

Divorcing homeowner leads are the top leads you can get. Develop a strategy to get divorcing homeowner leads on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Check out successful techniques for real estate divorcing homeowner lead generation.  


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Lead Example: Name | Address | Email address | Telephone number | Cell phone | Vacant | Minimum property values | Property type

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