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Fast and easy to use. Increase profits. Find motivated sellers and the most profitable homes to purchase for investment. Our system is built for successful real estate professionals . This targeted data is the most powerful information available. This database is great for professionals who want to target prospects by desire to sell. This is one of our top performing databases and is highly successful for direct mail and telemarketing.


Our snap-pack, pressure seal mailer has the look and feel of a refund check or W-2 form. This technique insures the piece is opened almost every time. Great for reverse mortgages, FHA/VA, HARP and short sale direct mail marketing. This is the most effective direct mail piece that has hit the direct mail marketing scene in a long time. The Snap Mailer is cost effective and response generating, a combination that is hard to find.


Fresh Refinance & Purchase Internet Mortgage Leads. Leads are delivered as they arrive and can be emailed and may be sent to your CRM. Exclusive for 60 days. Select by state, minimum loan amounts, credit and more.


Highly accurate information on all mortgage loans. Our data works great for targeting borrowers for refinances because we have identified the most likely candidates eligible for a refinance by the new guidelines: credit, LTV, interest rate, loan amounts and payment history along with the other desired selects.

WHY Data Solutions?


We are one of the most trusted Real Estate and Mortgage marketing companies in the business. We have been consistently rated in the top of our industry since the late 90's. With positive ratings from independent services like the BBB, Insider Pages, Merchanet Cirlce, YellowBook and Google+ to mention a few. Put our 20 years of experience to work for you today and we will guide you every step of the way