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Handling Common Responses

In a perfect world the script would work great, everyone would say yes and you

would set the appointment. However, in the real world you will need to develop techniques to handle the word “no” and objections.

When people say no remember that they are responding in kind. They are

responding to your questions. Don’t think of it as an objection. It is simply a response to

what you have just said to them.

Soon after you start making calls you will realize that almost all of the responses will

be the same.

Some of the most common responses are:

  • No, I’m happy now.

  • Simply not interested

  • I’m too busy

  • Send me some information

The goal is to anticipate the most common objections and be ready to handle the

responses quickly and properly.

What are the main responses and objections you hear everyday?

How can you anticipate and handle these responses?

There are generally 4-5 common responses to every sales call. Write down the same responses that you hear every time calling and have your rebuttal ready for each. This will make is easier to handle the objections and be ready for them. It will reduce the stress and anxiety when dealing with rejection.

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