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Sales Cycle for Mortgage leads and Real Estate Listings

All sales has a sales cycle, what is yours?

Know how long your sales cycle is. How many mortgage leads do you need? How long does it take to close a loan. How many motivated seller leads do you need to generate a new listing? How long does it take to list and sell the typical house for your area? This will be important to know to build your sales cycle and build a consistent stream of closed sales.

What is the objective of the first step of the sales cycle? Always get to the next step

Customers don't need us. If they had to use us they would have already contacted us.

Always help your customer improve their current situation. Can be a lower interest rate, lower payments, home improvements, debt consolidation. For Realtors, can be to help them sell their home, and find a new home.

Why should a customer use you over anyone else?

The status quo will always be your #1 competitor. Need to get them to do something different than what they are doing now.

Contact Pioneer today at 877-751-2200 or to discuss your needs.

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