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Sales Sample Statistics.

Let's address your sales ratios regarding your mortgage and Realtor prospecting. How many calls, mailers, outbound marketing, or leads does it take to find a prospect? Chart the ratios so you know how many calls, mailers, outbound marketing, or leads you need to close a sale.

Below is an example of a loan officer who does outbound calling.

  • Loan officer dials 20 outbound calls

  • Loan officer talks to 5 interested people

  • Loan officer closes 1 loan

In this case, you will sell one out of every 5 prospects

How many "no's" do you see in this sample scenario?


  • Count the no's, not the yes's and add them to your lead tracking sheet

  • Every time someone tells you "no." How much is that worth to you?

  • Most people quit just before they are successful. Don't quit. Make a plan and stick to it.

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