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Calling Techniques for Real Estate Professionals

Script Development:

Many salespeople say that they do not want to use a script because it is unnatural, and they would sound like a robot. Almost all movie and television actors follow a script word for word. The key is not to sound scripted. Memorize your script and make it sound natural

There are 5 components to your initial call:

-Get the persons attention

-Identify yourself and your company

-Give the reason for your call

-Make your qualifying statement

-Set the appointment

1)Many people would assume that a salesperson should get the prospects attention by making a wild or catchy statement like “If I could show you a way to sell your home in one day for a profit would you, do it?” Actually, the easiest way to get someone’s attention is to say their name. Say, “good afternoon, John”

2)Identify yourself and your company. “Good afternoon, John this is Dan with ABC Real Estate.

3)Give the reason for the call. Good afternoon, John this is Dan with ABC Real Estate. I am a local Realtor right here in

Seattle and we work with homeowners in our community. I help them understand the benefits of a short sale. Have you heard of a short sale? Do you know how it helps homeowners? The reason for the call this afternoon is to…..set the appointment…take the application…..gain more information….The main objective is to set an appointment to meet with them face to face if local or to mail out a packet if not local.

4)Add a qualifying statement like. “John, I’m sure you are like many other homeowners that are interested in finding out how a short sale could benefit you.

Next post we will handle common responses

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