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Ever heard of the 1/3 rule in sales???

When most Realtors or investors buy data (leads) they either have a solid direct mail piece or are strong on the phone. There is also a large amount of real estate professionals who are not sure which road to take and do not have an expertise in either venue.

This can be a great opportunity to learn a new

skill, telephone sales! Telemarketing can be one of the least expensive forms of marketing and if done correctly and performed diligently can achieve the highest closing ratio of any marketing techniques.

  • #1 reason why businesses fail is due to a lack of sales

  • Nothing can happen until you get the first appointment

  • You must develop and continue a solid base of prospects

Know your ratios:

How many calls does it take to set an appointment

How many appointments does it take to close 1 loan

If you decide telemarketing is for you:

Implement within 3 days to avoid procrastination

Do it for one month, consistently

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