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How to generate more sellers

The question comes up quite a bit. How does a real estate agent generate more sellers to build the number of listings a Realtor has in their pipeline. Sellers and listings builds a consistent book of business for the long term. Buyers come and go, and sellers are there for the long haul.

How do professionals generate more sellers? There are many different ways to find sellers. Launch expensive online campaigns with Google and Facebook or send spendy direct mail. Both these can work if you have a proven technique.

The easiest, quickest and least expensive way to find and get more listings is to find motivated and/or distressed sellers. The main types of homeowners that are proven to be the most likely to sell are absentee, non-owner-occupied owners, homeowners late on their mortgage or property taxes. Homeowners who are divorcing, a vacant house, and empty nesters.

It is always surprising how little these types of sellers are contacted by a realtor. Maybe the assumption is that they are getting hammered by everyone but for the most part this is not the case. The best strategy is to consistently contact these types of homeowners by phone and email. Realtors can call them directly or have someone did it for them. Direct mail can be sent in any quantities.

The list should be worked consistently until every homeowner is either not interested, interested or is no longer a homeowner. Once a homeowner shows interest they should be entered into a CRM and be placed into a drip campaign. The homeowner should be called, texted, emailed and mailed until they are no longer considering selling.

Persistence pays off and the fruits of the labor will show with a consistent approach. Try this strategy for 12 months and the results will show.

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