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How to reach out to distressed homeowners

Many realtors and real estate investors ask how to approach distressed homeowners. These can be Pre-NOD, NOD, divorcing, tax delinquent or a vacant house. The natural approach is to go in cold and blind and tell the homeowner that they are in big trouble, and you will be able to swoop in and save them. While this may seem like a good idea and an aggressive strategy it might not go so well.

You will likely receive a very negative and defensive response which is a normal response from a homeowner facing difficulties.

A better approach is to call or send a mailer outlining your strengths and how you are an expert for the homeowner's neighborhood. Bottom line is that the owner knows that they are in distress and the realtor or investor

knows they are in trouble and the last thing you want to do is accuse them of their problems.

These are the know homeowners' issues

  • In a pre-NOD status

  • Have a NOD filed

  • Going thought a divorce as a homeowner

  • Delinquent on property taxes

  • House is vacant

Communicate with the homeowner that you are working with many homeowners in their neighborhood and that you have buyers for their type of home and their home is in demand.

Offer a no cost home evaluation and let them know how much their home is worth and how much they can expect to receive as a cash value for the sale.

Once the homeowner feels comfortable and trusts you as a professional, they are much more likely to open up about their personal situation. At that point you will be able to help them with their specific situation and gain a valuable client.

Pioneer will always develop a custom script and direct mail piece at no cost for our clients. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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