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Leads for Real Estate Agents scripts and Lead Generation for Real Estate scripts

Expanding your presence with mortgage leads can boost your business. You could be new to the business or a veteran to the real estate industry. Creating an action plan will help you achieve your

goals and see long term success for real estate contact conversion in the program.

Implementing the following practices with every lead is an effective way to transform your contacts to closings.

Respond timely

The Internet makes it easy for people to shop

for a mortgage online, an important component of great service is providing a timely response. When a consumer submits an inquiry, they are awaiting a follow-up. They could have gone to one site or multiple. Assume that they know why you are calling, but don't quiz them as to the where and when. Simply let them know you are calling to give them the information and answer their questions. Break down the barrier and get them comfortable with you.

If you can’t reach the applicant by phone, follow up with a text message.

Add the contact to your CRM (contact management system) and set up a drip campaign

Follow up

It’s easy for an applicant to forget you if you’ve only made one attempt to reach out. If your initial response to their inquiry was unsuccessful, try calling again a few hours later.

Consumers may forget to return your call

for any number of reasons, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. Reaching out

multiple times in the first two weeks through a variety of channels (email, phone, text) will remind the consumer to get back to you.

Attempt contact many times in the first week. Follow-up with a voicemail, email and a text message.

Build a long-term pipeline

You should be able to reach many of the contacts you receive you may not connect with all of them right away. Continue building your pipeline of prospects and continue to reach out until you have concluded each lead to the end result. ie. loan closing, not interested ect...Think long term and build your book of business.

Use your CRM for your reminders and drip campaigns.

Internet real estate lead script for fresh leads

Hello, my name is_________with__________. I am calling because I see you recently requested more information about a purchasing a home. I have personally helped many of our neighbors with their home searches.

This analysis is provided at no cost or obligation to you. This will just take a couple minutes to see how we can help you best.

Go into application.

If you encounter a “NO”

Simply say. I understand you are not interested. I hear you. All I want to do is write up a quick and free quote that I will mail, or email to you. Once you receive it, look it over and if you don’t think it's the best for you, throw it away or delete it, that’s it. I just want you to know how much we can help you with no obligation.

Internet real estate script for aged leads

Hello, my name is_________with__________. I am calling doing a quick survey. I work with ___________ and you applied online to receive information on purchasing a home in the past. I am talking to people and asking them questions about their online experience.

Did you ever get the house you were looking for?

Who did you go with?

Would you use them again?

Would you recommend them to friends or family?

If they already purchased a home, thank them and tell them you will email them your info so if you can ever help them or answer questions, they have your contact info

If they have not purchased a new home

Say: Since you have not finished your purchase, yet I can help you right now

Do you still need to get a pre-qualification to purchase a home?

Go into your purchase application that you use

I will call you back in an hour and get you info you need

or the pre-qualification letter so you can start shopping for a home.

Thanks for your time I will talk to you soon.

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