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Real estate marketing tips

Motivated sellers.

Real estate marketing is how a Real estate company markets their services to an audience to convert them into clients.

Like many other industries, the goal is to bring your leads down your marketing funnel in a smooth and not too lengthy way.

Institutional Real estate lenders market differently due to what guidelines they have to follow.

Private companies can market with more leeway since they have fewer government regulations than institutions.

Whether you market directly or list properties directly focusing on your marketing is essential because it’s one of the main activities that moves the needle in your business!

This starts by creating a solid plan and implementing it to find your ideal clients.

Because without one?

You’re less likely to see marketing success and understand how to fix conversion leaks. Marketing to the right motivated sellers is key to your success. Out of state absentee owners, non-owner occupied, delinquent homeowners, vacant houses and distressed homeowners are a great place to start.

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